Re: Kenton Pro-4 & selfbuilt

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

>   I didn't understand that puthbutton idea, but as this thread as already
>   been around I stressed the NEED of several cv,cv,gate triples for
>   several Midi channels to Vance.
>   I have two Doepfer boxes here, each supplying my with one pair of CV/gate.
>   I would keep them, expecially as they also do the Korg MS20 scale.
>   But one Box (19" dream!) for a whole bunch of old loveys would be cOOl !
> Here is my current thought.  A small circuit board which could be
> configured either for 2 channels of CV, CV, gate or 4 channels of CV,
> gate.  The processor chip I am looking at (an EEPROM PIC processor) is
> only an 18 pin IC and includes all RAM and EPROM required internally.
> The external circuitry would consist of D/A converters, a few caps and
> resistors, the optoisolator and connector for MIDI in, and a couple of
> trim pots to fine tune the thing.  If you did not need all the
> channels you could leave some of the parts out.  The board would
> certainly be small enough to put several in a 19" rack module.
> Selections for MIDI channel and MIDI controller for second CV (Mod
> wheel would be the default) could be set with jumpers on the board or
> brought out to a front panel.  Is a selection for highest, lowest,
> earliest, or latest note wins (when polyphonic data comes in) desired?

Sounds absolutely GREAT !
That's what I was dreaming of for MONTHs!
You know that yello song that starts with "I love you" :-)

> On clocks, would just putting out a clock every
> quarter/eighth/sixteenth note based on MIDI clocks be what you want?
> Also, what "scale" does the MS20 use?  What is its gate's voltage and
> polarity? 
No, you know their wierd Korg keyboard CV scale.
I can never remember the correct name of both standarts.
I just remember "normal" (like my Roland CV gear) and "wired Korg"
like the MS20.
IT has something to do with Hz/V and Oct/V or something like this.
I never went too technical about it.
But as I already said I (personal) have a Midi2CV which is already capable
of this. I am not shure if there is a real need to implement that.

thanks so long for thinking of this nice project. It isn't polite
to ask for a finishing date, is it ?


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