re: software EGs

From Mark Pulver
Sent Thu, Jun 12th 1997, 18:18

Mr disco (12:01 PM 6/12/97 EST) had said:

>Are there any synths made with hardware EGs anymore?  What about the 
>PAiA Fatman and the Doepfer MS-404?

The FatMan is all hardware... Dunno about the MS-404.

>I imagine with the advent of faster processors, the line between SW 
>and HW EGs is getting a lot thinner anyway...

True, but like I babbled elsewhere out here this morning, the problem with
software based synths is that the processor is quickly getting to the point
of just having too much to do.

While it's true that the processors used in today's synth would make, say,
an Xpander *FLY*, they're still being asked to do more and more which ends
up killing them in the long run.

Hardware is still the way to go, but it's expensive, and incredibly hard to
stay on top of. Most designers are looking at lead times long enough that
by the processor that they've chosen is out of date by the time the product
gets to market. So, they design around the absolute bleeding edge stuff,
which has INCREDIBLE startup hardware costs, and hope that the processor
"catches" in the marketplace and the price comes down before full-run

It's an endless battle.

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