[AH] For sale: Doepfer A-100 modules and cases

From thomas h
Sent Thu, Jan 11th 2007, 22:33

Hello everyone,

I have the following Doepfer A-100 modules as well as
two cases for sale. These are generally less than a
year old and all look and work like new. No worn
lettering, no wear on the control panels, clean
contacts and potentiometers. I can send pictures on
These prices are in euros.

A-116 Waveform-Processor 
45,00 (new value 60,00)

A-123 VCF4/24dB High Pass Filter  
75,00 (new value 100,00, stock running out)

A-126 Frequency Shifter  
135,00 (new value 180,00)

A-134 VC-Panning  
60,00 (new value 75,00)

A-145 LFO Modulation Generator 
45,00 (new value 60,00)

A-175 Dual Voltage Inverter 
35,00 (new value 45,00)

A-199 Spring Reverb (the springs in the external
reverb tank are missing and should be replaced, in
excellent condition otherwise) 
60,00 (new value 110,00)

A-100G6 Basic Frame 6HE 230V suitcase version
(includes the standard power supply as well as an
additional A-100NT5 +5V power supply mounted inside)
300,00 (new value 410,00)

Detailed info here:

Also, I'm selling an Analogue Solutions AS0084 84HP
Minimodular Case (only the case, not the power supply
that goes with it) This will hold any Eurorack format
modules, including A-100 modules.
50,00 (new value including power supply 150,00)


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