From Doug Masla
Sent Sat, Nov 8th 1997, 10:09

At 9:52 AM -0600 11/7/97, Ross Goniakowski wrote:
>                      Subject:                              Time:  9:20 AM
>  OFFICE MEMO         DOEPFER...UH, PROBLEM                 Date:  11/7/97
>Well, I got my Doepfer A100 Basic System 1 yesterday. Spent about an hour
>with it. As the archives say the multimode filter is pretty sweet
>and the lowpass 24db is, well,"ok". Gives a nice resonance thump. And the
>ADSRs are nice and sharp. Someone please help me out with this, though.
>Problem is the clock divider outputs are weird. I used an LFO to drive it
>and took the "2" out to trigger one filter sweep thump and 8, 16 etc. to
>drive another thump. The second  pulse is always ahead of the first. I
>could get them to line up using the trigger delay but they went out of
>sync if I changed the frequency of the LFO. What the heck is up with that?
>Completely unexeptable. Am I doing something wrong? What is there that I
>could do wrong? I ran the LFO through the trigger delay to sharpen the
>pulse, no change. I hope it's broke because I can't live with it this way.
>I used a custom clock divider in the past with 2, 3, 4, 5,etc. outs that
>worked as expected. Please ...anyone know what Is up with this?
>Ross G.
Are you using the reset on the a160?
take the last pulse you want in your rythmic cycle and send it to the reset
input,this should keep
everything in sync...(also with the lfo are you using the rising edge or
falling edge of wave X
you can also rest the lfo duty cycle on the a145 this will tightn thongs up
I have been using the 160/161 dividers for months now and have no timing
sxcept for a few micro-volts of bleed between adj. outputt sof the 160....