AW: [AH] about Vince Clarke Collectors on Ebay

From francois.buat
Sent Wed, Apr 23rd 2008, 19:49

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=0AAfter a more concetration on that picture, I can see 2 ARP sequencer, bu=
t very far away, as well as an EM modular, or ARP 2500 or a Korg PS 3300...=
=0AMay be they are also included in the offer so...=0A=0A8-)=0A=0AF=0A=0A=
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l 2008, 19:27:20 Uhr=0ABetreff: [AH] about Vince Clarke Collectors on Ebay=
=0A=0AHi,=0A=0AFor info, the advertising on ebay mentions: =0A=0A"You=0Ado =
not get other items shown in any pics (e.g. ARP sequencer). The system was=
=0Aused by a professional musician. Thereforeit has some scratches and is n=
ot like new. But it is definitely abargain to get a piece of electronic mus=
ic history."=0A=0A=0AI think that the seller should remove the mention ARP =
sequencer by Doepfer MAQ 16/3... =0AHe would at least look a little bit mor=
e serious and showing us that he may knows what is he selling...=0A=0AAlway=
s funny!=0A=0ABye,=0A=0AF=0A=0A=0A=0A=0A=0A=0A      _______________________=
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