Re: Why no Serge drum box?

From J.D. McEachin
Sent Thu, Oct 12th 1995, 15:13

ken hankins wrote:

> >> Why doesnt a decent manufacturer like Serge/Doepfer or even Oberhiem come
> >> up with a new adjustable analog drum box at a decent price?

I was really, REALLY hoping noone else would get this idea, as I
have started doing preliminary development work on such a beast for the 
last 6 months. Alas, I can't work on anything besides on Europa until it 
ships (soon).

So as to not give away the farm, I can only tell you that it will be kinda
like a MIDI'd 808 w/ programmable sounds, w/ some tricks that I've dreamed
up thrown in, such as being able to add distortion for that crunchy Aphex
(Twin, not Systems) sound.  It will probably be called the TR-11011 (10010 
just doesn't look right), and should cost less than a used 808.  It should be
Synthcom's 3rd hardware product, hopefully ready in mid '96 (don't even 
ask me about the 2nd).