[AH] polyphonic midi modular?

From andrew
Sent Wed, Sep 24th 2008, 05:03

hey guys, long time, no post, but I have a question that someone on the =
list must be able to answer:

how can I set up a midi-controlled 4 voice modular synth? I'd like to us=
e my roland mkb100 midi master keyboard to control a 4 voice modular, ea=
ch voice with this architecture:
2 vco- 2 lfo- 2 adsr, 2 vcf, 2 vca, with maybe a master tremelo lfo on t=
op of it for good measure.
- would I need a midi- cv converter for each voice?
- would the mkb 100 perform voice allocation? you know, 1st key pressed =
goes to the 1st voice, 2nd key to 2nd voice, etc.
-how does the roland system 100m keyboard 184 do it?

I know that this sounds a bit indulgent, but I just came into some money=
 and must blow it immediately before I spend it all on substances! =

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