Nord Modular

From Chris Whitten
Sent Tue, Oct 28th 1997, 03:53

Gotta agree with Ben on this one.
The Nord modular maybe a great concept, it may have limitless possibiliti=
and it may even sound great but I've yet to use a piece of software that
wasn't frustrating when you want to do two things at the same time or jus=
be totally intuative.
I know Nord are going to supply hardware to cater for this but I can't
believe it's going to be THAT easy to tweak or as easy to follow your
signal path as a real modular synth. I've yet to use a piece of software
that didn't have annoying bugs or demand you buy even more expensive memo=
because it keeps crashing. =

I'm just expressing an opinion here, I'm not going to come down on someon=
for liking the Nord, I may even like one myself eventually. Right now I'm=

happy with my Doepfer A100...a real analogue modular. This is *analogue*
heaven isn't it. There seems to have been a lot of talk lately about DSP
'analogue' synths, hell I even got burned for saying I liked a Juno 106
over an MC303.