Re: (idm) dance? huh? (was something re: jason bentley)

From Philip Downey
Sent Wed, Oct 2nd 1996, 05:45

It's always interesting to look at the danceability of music from the 
list.  In the past I've dj'ed in clubs, where I want people to dance, and 
on the radio, where I could care less and I happen to be more interested 
in doing brain surgery on people.

A couple of idm tracks that I have personally dropped (or seen) that have 
really pumped dancefloors:
Polygon Window:  quoth (but now always)
everything by orbital (they never fail)
Sabres of Paradise:  smokebelch II
Sabres of Paradise:  Bubble & Slide (NOW mix)  This one always garners,  
"That was great!  What is it?" from numerous people.  funk that bassline!
FSOL:  Slider
Balil:  Parasight
Squarepusher mix of dj food (can't think of the name)
FUSE - FU and Mantrax

Tracks that didn't work:
Autechre:  (the detroit one on tri repetae)#6
aphex twin:  heliosphan  (too damn pretty)
Reload:  Le Soleil et la Mer (7/8 = odd shuffling)
Green Velvet:  Flash (I've seen people leave because there is little 
marking of beats 2 and 4.)  And yes, i do think it's idm.  SET PHASERS TO 
afx:  the 2nd track on ABIV.
Sound Enforcer on Rising High:  a little too fast and complex.
Black Dog:  Parallel (makes me boogie like a jumping bean, but it killed 
the crowd one night.)

Just an opinion, from someone who's seen different sides to dj'ing.

Phil Downey

onnow:  Secret Life of Trance 4