RE: [AH] Doepfer Opinions

From Anthony Rolando
Sent Thu, Feb 7th 2008, 16:33

I own both the Doepfer Suitcase and 2 Blacet Racks racked up in a shallow.

The cost of the Doepfer case seems high until you figure in ALL the cost of=
 the FRAC cases.

Along with the Blacet cases you will need power distro boards, power supply=
 AND a Rack to put the case in (if you are looking at the G6 from Doepfer, =
and not the suitacse or beauty case, then this is an additional cost there =

When you add it all up, the Blacet case system comes close to the same pric=
e UNLESS your purchase your power supply open frame and wire it in yourself=
 (about $75 may be saved there). If you are not comfortable wiring in mains=
, then please, do not attempt.

As far as the modules go, it's a design aesthetic. Doepfer USUALLY gives yo=
u discrete building blocks, while Blacet gives you powerful packages. Other=
 manufacturers, such as Livewire take the Blacet approach to Euro format, g=
iving "packages."=20

In any case, there is alot out there and I would advise you to get the larg=
er case because you will want to fill it eventually!


> Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 06:25:26 -0800
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> Subject: [AH] Doepfer Opinions
> So, I'm going to purchase a little starter system to play nice with the O=
ctave Cat. I've really been thinking that I would go Frac and build around =
Blacet and MOTM pieces with who knows what to follow. However, after having=
 done a little price research, it seems like you can get an awful lot of sy=
stem for a lower price by going with Doepfer. I don't hear people talk much=
 about them and I'm wondering what some of the opinions are. A lot of their=
 modules seem to do one thing only, but in a lot of cases, that thing is so=
mething that's hard to find from anyone else. And the modules are cheap. Th=
e biggest downside, before hearing opinions, seems to be that the damn Euro=
racks are so outrageous. The biggest plus side seems to be the number of mo=
dules available (Doepfer, AS, Cjweman, et al). What do you guys think?

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