Re: [AH] Personal Preference

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

Mike Kent wrote:
>Mike loves Moog filters and oscillators. I like them too. But I sold my
>Minimoog and My Moog modular. I kept my Pro-one. The Moogs were smoother in
>most ways, but I prefer the rougher edge in the Pro-One. I do regret
>selling the Minimoog, but not enough to buy another one yet.

A little tracking Osc 3 FM on a Mini is pretty rough-edged :)
Man, the SEM is fatter and rougher than a Pro-One. Put 'em side by side. 

>I have the smoother type of sounds in other synths. Actually, my Roland
>System-100 (not my 100M) sounded a lot like my Moog modular for many of the
>patches I liked (but somtimes very different). In fact I used the Moog for
>the right side and patched a similar sound in the Roland for the left side
>to get great stereo.

A 100? I had a complete 100 and sold it for $120.00 in the early 90's. 
That's strange. I think they sound absolutely nothing like the Moogs. 
If you were making the Moog sound like that, then I can see why it 
didn't serve your needs. 

>I think I like Oberheim SEM as much as Mike. Cool sound. The mixable LP and
>HP filter makes some silky sounds.

And the envelopes are nice and plucky. Try a no Attack, no Sustain, quick 
Decay sound. Nice snap, exponential shape, and dynamic range.
Great Oscillator Sync, too. Note: The envelopes on the 4-Voice and 
Programmer are not the same circuit. I've been told they're early Curtis 
chips, and they blow. 

>My favorite sounding analogs are:
>    Polyphonic: Jupiter-8
>    Monophonic: Octave Cat (mine is vers 1)
>It helps to get other's opinions if you can't try a lot of synths for
>yourself. But nothing replaces trying it for yourself and judging based on
>your own taste and needs. Budget heavily affects most of us too. A Moog
>modular is a wonderful thing, but I can't justify it on my budget.

Don't get me wrong. The Moog is weak as hell in several areas, most 
notably clocking, voltage control of parameters, and FM depth. Man was 
not meant to live on Moog alone. I was lucky and got a good price on my 
system. I'd love to expand it, but adding something like a Putney or 
2600 would be a better bet. 




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