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From charles graef
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Yup -- sorry, I phrased it badly.  When you clock from an external VCLFO you
can modulate the frequency of said VCLFO with the CV out from one of the
sequencer rows and thus modulate the duration of any given step.  For
example, in theory if the CVs in the row were

0v | 1v | 1v | 0v | 1v | 1v | 0v | 1v | 1v | 0v | 1v | 1v

the rhtymn of the output would be

1/4 | 1/8 | 1/8 | 1/4 | 1/8 | 1/8 | 1/4 | 1/8 | 1/8 | 1/4 | 1/8 | 1/8.

An octave is a doubling of frequency and you're working 1v/oct.  If the
clock goes twice as fast, the duration of the step is 1/2 as long.  Etc.


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> The Doepfer sequencer allows the CV or audio input to individual steps.
> Analogue Systems sequencer has skip.  Would be nice if every sequencer had
> everything.
Very true!
> Re the Roland, I should think it would be possible when using an external
> clock with a row of sequencer CV and thereby halve a given step duration
> with an octave increase in CV from that row, quarter the duration with a
> 2-octave increase, etc.

OK, I don't think I parsed that.  Are you saying that you can use the CVs
from a row to modulate the clock rate and thereby achieve the timing changes
that are possible with the per step switches?  Please elaborate.