Re: [AH] Cwejman S1 help and tips?

From Alex Theakston
Sent Wed, Nov 2nd 2005, 01:28

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thanks for the responses guys, I'll leave these CVs where they are for now.
I've been looking at Ken Stone's matrix mixer...worth investigating


On 11/1/05, Peter Grenader <> wrote:
> This may or not not work. A lot of mixers use what's called decoupling
> caps
> which are there to kill stray voltage on the line and return the input's
> 'resting state' to ground. They are there to correct voltage offsets
> Problem is, the cap doesn't know the difference between stray DC and DC
> you're feeding through as a control signal. AC waveforms - no problem. DC
> (either a constant voltage level, or one that doesn't pass through zero o=
> does so at a very slow rate) - this may not work. It won't blow anything
> up
> if you try it, the decoupler will just do it's job and stop these signals
> from passing into the internal summer.
> Not all mixers are fitted with these caps. Blacet's mixer/processor is
> one.
> Doepfer's 'EXP' A-138 is another. My model 18 won't have them, either.
> But in all cases of mixing signals from different synths, grounding and
> voltage range is an issue. Both systems will need to have the have ground
> reference or the VC coming form the outside world won't do jack to the
> other instruments. Also you must kep an eye for overdriving. A serge and
> Modcan is expecting a 6 volts signal. A Buchla, Wiard, Blacet can put out
> 10 or above. It's usually not a problem, but I have seen cases in certain
> Modcan modules where a zener in a CV input blows if fed a 10 volt signal.
> - P
> hope this helps,
> - P
> wrote:
> >> another thought was can I mix CV signals outside the synth
> > with a 'normal' mixer?
> >
> > **Uhh, you may want to be very careful with scenario. If you try this,
> take
> > your channel trims WAAAAAY down before you go feeding a raw voltage int=
> a
> > conventional mixer intended for audio. There may be potential audio
> level
> > (and grounding?) issues. This is actually how people used to derive
> 'click
> > tracks' from sequencer boxes - take the trigger output into a mixer
> channel,
> > record the sixteenth note 'thud' and then feed that into a trigger inpu=
> on
> > something else.**
> >
> > Pat