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Thanks for the link. That's a cool joystick (and the woggle module looks
cool too), but I'm looking for something I can fit into my custom case
(think music easel/synthi). I could disassemble a doepfer module and use the
parts, but I figure it would be cheaper to buy a joystick pot and go from
there. Thanks for the suggestion, though.



On Jan 21, 2008 1:01 PM, daddio <> wrote:

> I just got one of these - and I LIKE IT!
> has a spring return which can be switched on/off
> roughly 4" x 4"
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> Subject: [AH] Joystick?
> Hi,
> I would like to build a CV joystick (like wiard or doepfer) to interface
> with my gear. Can anyone recommend a particular joystick? I'd prefer a
> metal
> shaft, friction hold (no spring return to center), not too big--about the
> size and style of the synthi joystick, sourced in north america. I've done
> some searches online, but I wondered if anyone has experience with a
> particular model. Thanks.
> dp