Re: [AH] Anyone making a 606'ish trigger-out sequencer?

From john mahoney
Sent Sat, Jan 6th 2007, 20:32

At 12:09 PM 1/6/2007, Andrew Scheidler wrote:
>The other thing I want to do is build the MIDI-->trigger out kit that
>you can get from Elby in Australia.  That converts 8 user-selected MIDI
>notes into 8 analogue triggers.   So something cheap like a TR-505 could
>drive it, so you could save patterns.   It would also be cool to hook up
>to the Octapad  :)

You can also get that kind of thing from Highly Liquid:
and from Doepfer:

Nothing against Elby's product, it's just that these are all 
different, so it may be worthwhile to compare them.