Re: [AH] Road worthy modulars

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00

>Kendall Jackman (04:10 PM 4/16/99) wrote:
>>Yet even as I argue this point, I can see myself wanting "that" sound bad
>>enough, maybe.  But if it meant risking harm to one of these venerated
>>electronic shrines, I don't know...

I'm just entering this thread; sorry if I go over anything already posted.

Each time I saw Peter Gabriel, Larry Fast had his Moog 15 there;
it was used for the bells in "San Jacinto". Tangerine Dream toured
the world with a few very large Moogs and the only problem I'm aware
of was when they were smashed into pieces in Australia. Klaus Schulze
did a number of live shows in Europe with his large Moog. Even
Kraftwerk had a decent amount of Doepfer on their recent tour. When
breakdown meant silence, these folks relied upon these instruments.
That's a big statement about their roadworthiness... And they're
more durable than you might think. I cart my two portable Moogs
around and they're just fine, outside of the kind of Tolex wear
you'd expect. 


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