REVIEW: Warpvision presents (Motion)

From Alan M. Parry
Sent Sat, Nov 5th 1994, 05:49

(Motion) : Electronic listening music for the eyes

Part1: (Nanotechnics.1)
Part2: (Mirage)
Part3: (Corpus Porpoise Posthumous non Polhemus)
Part4: (Lifespan)
Part5: (Sim)(biotics)

1.1 Scanner (intro)
1.2 Link: Arcadia (title/outro)
1.3 Beaumont Hannant: Utuba
1.4 Polygon Window : Polygon Window
1.5 Richard H Kirk: Reality Net
1.6 Speedy J : Symmettry
1.7 Mark Franklin : Release To The System
1.8 Autechre : Basscadet

Approx. running time: 40 mins

Finally Warps artificial intelligence video touches down in the US with a 
release on TVT. I was expecting quite a lot from this, and to honest I 
was a little disspointed. (Motion) is divided into five different 
sequences, each containing computer imagery overlaid with music mostly from 
the second artificial intelligence album, with the exception of the Polygon 
Window and Autechre tracks. It seems to me that the people who 
design these things have simply run out of ideas, as we seem to be faced 
with the same images over and over: dolphins, dragonflys, fractal 
tunnels, and birds-eye views of flying across various landscapes. One of 
the main features in the video is the humanoid figure we see relaxing on 
the cover of the first artificial intelligence album, and this time we 
get a more complete look around his living room. Originality aside, Warps 
video is still nice to look at. The now familiar music makes the watching 
quite enjoyable, and some of the graphics sequences really are quite 
impressive. One of the more memorable sequences is (Sim)(biotics), which 
appears to be about some insects or viruses infecting a computer system.
 Overall, I liked it. Maybe not as many new ideas as id hoped, but still 
a good combination of sounds and pictures. Very much in a Warpesque 
style, its definately something im glad I have.

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