Re: MS-404 & Pro Tone

From Robert Hoffman
Sent Sun, Mar 30th 1997, 15:12

John Greczula wrote:
> Hi all,
> Hope everyone's having a good holiday.
> Does anyone have any recent experience or comments on the Doepfer MS-404
> or the Spectral Audio Pro Tone monosynths? And yes, I've read what was
> available at the Music Machines site on the MS. I've also seen the FM
> review on the Pro Tone but was wondering if somebody out there owns
> either of these pieces and have been using them for a while. Any good?

I had the Pro-Tone on loan at my studio for a week. In a word it sucked.
Weak sound was it's main problem. No bottom end at all. No punch. One
would be much better off with a Bassstation or Pulse. The filter was
very underwhelming. The lack of patch storage certainly doesn't help
either. The MS404 I haven't used but if it sounds anything like my A100
system it should be pretty cool.