RE: What gives, KRAKHED? (was Re: ai2 formats)

From john.bus
Sent Thu, Sep 22nd 1994, 04:01


[AI2 in Europe]
>        the following tracks are cdltd only:
>polygon window - my teapot
>kenny larkin - maritime
>scanners (hidden track)
>        and lpltd only is (extra 12"):
>something by kenny larkin (maritime?)
>darrel fitton - metalurg
Hmm... I live in Sydney, Australia and bought the AI2 limited edition
double gold CD as an import. 

My 2nd CD has the usual tracks (as far as I know) then:
darrel fitton - blipsalt ---> Does this track appear on your copy?
polygon window - my teapot
kenny larkin - maritime
scanners (hidden track) 

> He can't claim that since it isn't on the import CD, it shouldn't be on
> the US CD, since "Maritime" isn't on the UK CD, but it's on the US. So I
> ask, why was "Metalurg" left off, and why wasn't KRAKHED straight with us
> about the fact that it was being left off? I wouldn't be complaining, if
> not for the fact that I was led to believe that I was getting everything,
> by somone indignant about it.

It's all quite confusing really, but he's probably right if he was only
talking about the standard AI2 release, which he might have been. He
probably was, since if Warp gave the rights to the ltd edition release, 
to WaxTrax, it wouldn't be so limited anymore (if you get my drift).

Still its annoying and a dubious marketing ploy on Warps part... well I
think so.


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