Re: Who knows any San DIego Synth Shops?

From jvolanski
Sent Mon, Dec 4th 1995, 19:56

Just the standard stuff.  A few of em have some used stuff for sale now and

These are all area code 619:

New World Audio:  569-1944
Pro Sound:  583-7851
Guitar Center:  583-9751  Jerry Fleury- Kbd Mgr.
AES:  578-6660
Guitar Trader:  565-8814  Lots o' used stuff here.  They also do rental
Music Mart:  565-4414

If someone tells you some other places, let me know.


>Hi Gang,
>Well Thanks to Troy Sheets for sending me a couple of places. Freedom
>Guitar was
>the one he mentioned and the area around there.
>I`m flying out on Sunday for the VRML symposium at the NCSA I think (
>Cripes I should
>know where it is :)
>So does anybody have any hot tips( no funny business) for me to search for
>new modules for my System 100M,
>or an Xpander, or a new Matrix1000 (Which are supposed to be cheaper new
>in the US
>than they are secondhand in the US).
>Cheers, Dave .....

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