Re: [AH] M5 spring reverb buzz

From Kenneth Balys
Sent Tue, Jul 15th 2014, 02:38

I am not familiar with the Macbeth but I have found spring reverbs to 
be, in general, sensitive to interference.

If it is possible, try changing the position of the tank or unit. 
Sometimes its angle relative to something else has a strong effect.

On my Doepfer spring reverb, I spent a lot of time moving the tank 
around on this lunchbox trautonium thing I slapped together.

The tank did not like sitting too close to a midi/cv module and became 
quieter mounted perpendicular to the backplane.

This worked for me; hope it helps you.

On 15.07.14 12:08 AM, Sxnths wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have a Macbeth M5 and the spring reverb output is producing a fairly big
> hum. I am currently using the synth on a floor where there are absolutely
> no outlets with a ground (I know ... have no choice for now). I was
> wondering: is it clearly the reason? I tried "grounding" the synth by
> connecting the chassis to a radiator and it didn't help. Any tricks or
> diagnosis would be greatly appreciated!
> I had never noticed any hum issue until this. The synth main output is
> clean too.
> Thanks a lot
> ben