[AH] FS: Blacet, Doepfer, Moog, Waldorf, Emu, Roland, MAM/Next

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Sent Sun, Nov 9th 2008, 04:33

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Hi Folks,

Doing a bit of cleanup in the studio so here are a few things that I=B9m
looking to sell.  Everything has had light usage in a smoke-free home
studio.  All prices are in USD and do not include shipping.  I take PayPal
primarily but also can do bank transfers and personal checks, if you don=B9t
mind waiting for the check to clear.  I=B9m located in the northeast US.  I
can ship worldwide but I=B9ll put a preference on U.S. sales.

Analogue Stuff:=20
* Blacet Klang Werk: factory assembled.  Comes with power cable, mounting
screws, and manual. US$165.  http://www.blacet.com/KW.html
* Blacet Mixer/Processor: factory assembled.  Comes with power cable,
mounting screws, and manual. US$100. http://www.blacet.com/MX.html
* Doepfer A-190 MIDI/CV Sync Interface.  Comes with power cable and mountin=
screws.  REQUIRES +5V POWER =AD Make sure you have this available on your
system or get an A-100AD5 5V low cost adapter. US$140.
* Moog Vocoder: 16 band vocoder.  One of the best every made!  Comes with
very rare manual.  In excellent condition.  US$3200.
* MAM/Next! Vox II 11 band vocoder =AD same model as used on Madonna=B9s =B3Music=
record.  Comes with manual and power supply.  Works as a filter bank as wel=
as a vocoder. US$200
* Moog MemoryMoog Owners and Service Manual:  This is a high quality comb
bound copy of the second edition from 1983 including the MM Plus sequencer.

Virtual Analog Stuff:
* Waldorf Q Rack Virtual Analog Synth =AD The bright yellow 5-space rack
version.  Comes with manual and power cord.  Top right corner slightly
damaged due to poor packing when shipped to me.  It does not affect the
functionality or the ability to rack mount the unit but there is a bit of
paint missing from the corner.  US$650.
* Roland JP-8080 Virtual Analog Synth =AD 6U of knobs, sliders, and VA synth
fun.  Comes with power cord and PDF manual.  US$500.

Not so Analogue Stuff:
* Roland D-550 with PG-1000 Programmer.  All of those great 80=B9s d*g*t*l
sounds you remember. ;)   Backlight is still good.  Comes with PG cable,
power cable, PG-1000 manual, PDF for D-550 and PG-100.  US$550
* Emu Virtuoso 2000:  A whole lotta sampled strings and orchestral
instruments in a 1U space.  Comes with manual and power cord.  US$290.
* DBX Drive Rack Studio: This is a 1U processor that can send signals to
multiple powered monitors and change EQ and characteristics of the signal.
It can emulate several different speaker models based on the speakers you
are using.  For example, it can make a pair of Mackie HR 824s sound like
Yamaha NS-10s.  It can also compensate for some room deficiencies.  Comes
with manual, power cord, and original box.  US$175

That=B9s enough for now. ;)  Please feel free to send me questions.  If you
think my prices are out of whack, let me know (privately).  I try to price
fairly with a bit of an AH discount.

Stuff I=B9m looking to buy or trade:
* Roland V-Synth XT
* Ensoniq TS-10 or VFX
* Standtastic 3-tier stand
* Buchla 200e modules
* Flame Clockwork