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From Aaron Michelson
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On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, Mark Kolmar wrote:

> I cannot wait for the new Aphex album if RDJ really sings pop songs. Now
> THAT'S experimental electronic music for you. I'm serious.
> What!? Kraftwerk were singing on the majority of their releases... it's

I received my copy of the Boy/Girl single yesterday, and I felt 
necessary to clear up a few things about this vocal thing. While Richard 
has certainly taken a flying leap in the drum'n bass genre by adding
60's slacker lyrics (the comparison to Syd Barrett is dead on) his 
writing process is still the same. There are three lyrics to the 
boy/girl song: "I wish the milkman would deliver my milk in the morning" 
"I wish the milkman would deliver my milk when I'm yawning" "I would 
like some milk from the milkmans wife's tits". He's quite obviously 
sampled these three sentences, and then encorporates them into a rather 
clonky drum'n bass rhythm (polygon window meets squarepusher). Towards 
the end of the track, he gradually processes the lyrics until they're 
practically indecipherable. Mind you, by then yer sick of it anyways. 
It's cute...but not exactly your standard top of the pops success story.
In the meantime, I guess Richard won the bet. :) Richard also sings on 
"beatles under my carpet." Something like "Bee-tles...uuunder my caarpet,
under my feeet. They come out in the heat."

Review forthcoming...

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