Re: CV loop sequencer?

From Harvey Thornburg
Sent Fri, Oct 18th 1996, 05:44

Eli Brandt wrote:
> Darwin Grosse wrote:
> > Well, until the Doepfer can cycle at audio rate (hence becoming an 8- or
> > 16- bit  digital waveform generator), I ain't getting one.
> Do people use this feature much?  It's conceptually nifty, sure, but
> I've found drawing d*g*t*l waveforms pretty frustrating.  The time
> domain basically sucks.  (But real-time slider control might help.)

I get some interesting pulse-type waves this way; first I turn all 16
knobs to the left to output zero voltage, then I slowly raise the 
voltage for stages 1, 9, 13, 15 and 16 in order, respectively, to bring 
in related partials. Haven't found an interesting way to make this 
voltage controllable, but IMHO it does sound good...