Re: [AH] Using delays.flangers in modular synthesis

From Florian Anwander
Sent Mon, Jan 21st 2008, 17:42


> i've been trying to use an outboard delay/flanger in my modular synthesizer.
> the results have been kind of interesting, but not very compelling.
> i'm not doing anything imaginative with patching tho, putting it before a lowpass or bandpass filter.
> are there better ways?
> is voltage control of parameters necessary?

Normal stompboxes in modular systems will do normal effects. If you want 
something beside the standard, you want voltage control of the parameters.

You may check the sound examples given at the pages for the A-188 Series 
from Doepfer:

If you can set the delaytime of a short delay by the keyboardvoltage you 
can do KarplusStrong-synthesis:
Those examples are quite basic.

I have an example from a session
between 1:38 and 2:25 there is a plucked like sound made with an delay 
module, that is tweaked in realtime.