Ang: Doepfer in KEYs on filters

From peter.eriksson
Sent Thu, Sep 19th 1996, 16:19

>I am ready to doubt that this is really Dieter Doepfer's
>statement - I am quite sure he knows better ! God knows
>what KEYs have mixed up this time ... and how stupid
>do they think their readers are !?

Hey, give the guy a break!
He wants, like the rest of us, use the 303-hype to sell stuff!!
Haven't you ever sold a Juno106 as "a true TB303-emulator" and got ridicously 
much money for it??

-I have!!


My experience is that you can sell anything to a Technonerd just by mentioning 
the Roland Bassline in the same sentence you say "hello".
/ Peter