Re: [AH] looking for a system 100m

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 19th 1970, 01:00

Jim Johnson, wrote:
>Do yourself a favor - FORGET about buying an old, klunky,
>out-of-production, unreliable modular like the 100M. Get yourself a modern,
>clean, bright, shiny, NEW modular like the Doepfer or MOTM stuff. Something
>that won't break down/go out of tune/flat out die on you next week.

No disrespect meant, but I've seen 25-year old modulars that have 
worked and looked like they were right out of the box. I had a System 700
wing that was nearly perfect in every way; only the black paint on one 
module was faded a tiny bit. I've seen Moogs that have been through
fires as well, but it's possible to purchase a vintage modular that needs 
very little initial and subsequent attention. You have to wait and pursue 
when it comes up. Some machines seem to have more problems than others
(-my own experience, nothing more-): 
ARP 2600, Moog Modular, Buchla Modular
Basically the oldest of the old, which makes sense. I haven't heard of 
being much trouble, but then again I don't pay a lot of attention to them 
they come up for sale (which seems to be more often than any other modular
system made for some reason). No offense to the recent modulars as well.
There IS something nice about getting a minty new setup that you know
will work right and not need attention for a while. 

In other words, ask around about the reliability of any synth you're 
to buy. Check the archives at You've come 
to the right place to ask such questions :)

BTW, Meat Beat Manifesto released a double CD a few years ago; the
second CD is mostly 100m if you happen to need a better idea of how
it sounds.


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