Re: Keybored (was Re: EML Synthkey)

From Anders Wikholm
Sent Thu, Jan 21st 1970, 01:00

>On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, Brian Coates wrote:
>>         If you don't have them, I recommend getting some older issues of
>> Keyboard.  The older ones have a wealth of cool ads.  Arp, EML, Moog,
>> Roland(like the 100m), Oberheim.  Just a real inspiration to those who
>> build thier own stuff!
>And don't forget - LOTS of interviews w/ our favorite pretentious 
>bastards, such as Chick Corea, Keith Emerson, and Rick Wakeman - always 
>good for laughs while taking a dump.

Who cares about the interviews? It's the thorough equipment reviews that's fun.

By the way, you might not believe it, but in the early seventies Rick 
Wakeman really was one of the most creative guys that handled a minimoog 
(actually seven or eight of them stacked around him). Pretentious yes, but 
interesting. Today he's still remaining in the early seventies and only 

As a living proof that one can be extremely pretentious and still make good 
music we now have Sven Vath.

One strange thing about Keyboard is that they never write anything about Sparks.


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