Re: [AH] New Modulars that rip and are big.

From Mati
Sent Wed, Mar 7th 2007, 20:10

Second that - I have the AS Synthi filter, and it is hands down my  
favorite. For utter sickness, I use my Plan B VCO into the Synthi  
filter, with my Doepfer VCA and ADSRs, then my 174 Joystick :)


On Mar 7, 2007, at 9:26 AM, Lester Barnes wrote:

> Goldfrapp have a huge Analogue Systems modular that they use -  
> could be that.
> Radiohead also have huge Analogue Systems setups.  - Their standard  
> Multimode
> filter has a neat feature that allows multiple multmodes to be  
> hooked up
> together with a special resonace in and out CV. A-Sys also have  
> authentic Synthi
> AKS filters and Trapezoid Gens together with Comb filters and Vocal/ 
> Phase
> filters - compact and very punchy.
> on 7/3/07 7:15 AM, hex fix93 <> wrote:
>> What modular system would give me a ripping multimode filter, rubber
>> metallic huge roland like sounding oscillators with a big sounds in
>> band pass and high pass? i'm thinking like the ones i hear on the
>> black cherry goldfrapp cd. Like on the track tip toe. I think that
>> sounds amazing.. i think its a modular, not sure. OR like the stuff i
>> hear on astral projection.
>> i want also want to know about crunchy analog sounding phasers and
>> flangers... ones that get real mean and heavy...
>> will a modcan get me there? i some how doubt it... but i'd like to
>> know. its so hard to get good info about these things.