Re: AW: polys that give good mono

From gstopp
Sent Wed, Oct 25th 1995, 18:03

     Low note priority is a result of the constant current source driving 
     the resistor chain in traditional monophonic keyboard design. After 
     twenty years of playing analogs my hands don't know any other way to 
     do trills. However high note priority can be useful at times, like 
     holding down a bass note and playing a lead line with a little 
     portamento. The digital scanner D/A type monophonic keyboard interface 
     can be easily designed to have a switch to select low/high note 
     priority - just use an up/down counter and choose between up count or 
     down count.
     Frankly I think that anybody who thinks that low note priority isn't 
     important in monophonic synthesizers just hasn't been around them 
     much. It came about by accident but so did opposable thumbs.

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Subject: AW: polys that give good mono
Author:  Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 <>
at ccrelayout
Date:    10/25/95 12:07 PM
Please (!!!) include high/low note priority. Each of the three modes is 
extremely useful. The fact that Doepfer won't add a low note priority 
option to his MCV1 made me switch to Kenton for Midi->CV converters.
(I don't know why the hell this man doesen't include that option.
He told me I was the first one who asked. I simply don't believe this!)