Re: mutron mutronics vs sherman filterbank

From Nicholas D. Kent
Sent Sun, Aug 9th 1998, 11:52

> At 02:42 PM 8/7/98 +0100, dt records wrote:
> >The Mutator i had on Loan Was utterly depressing & overpriced. 
> I totally agree with this, espeically about it being overpriced.
> >n fact
> >the MAM RS3 Resonator Behaves More like i expected the Mutator to
> >behave!!! And it cost under IRP180-.
> Funny. This is the same reaction I and others have had. We used the Mutator
> and the MAM side by side at Music Central and everyone there agreed.  The
> MAM blew it away for a fraction of the price.

>                Rob Williams</>fEEd</>Tempest

on a tangent from that, Doepfer will soon release a sizable A-100 module
based on the triple resonating filter concept of Korg's that MAM also
uses. The site says you can switch the filters from bandpass to low pass
mode with internal jumpers. This would lead me to believe their's is
Curtis based? but maybe I'm wrong.