Re: [AH] OB-Mx

From matrix
Sent Sat, Dec 4th 2004, 19:31

> I know some people have their Matrix 1000s hooked up to the Doepfer 
> Drehbank
> for a 64 knob monster.

Can you edit in real time meaning hold a note down, twist a knob and the 
sound changes in real time, or is it hold a note down, twist a knob and 
nothing happens until you hit a key again?  Also is it the same for all 
Matrix 1000s?  Black vs. White face.  How many revisions where there on the 
Matrix1000 and what are the differences anyway?  The Matrix-6 was my first 
synth.  I love it, but hooking up a knobby controller to it makes it crash. 
No real time knob control for me.  :(  Been thinking of getting a 1000 for 
this, but I haven't gotten a clear answer on this yet.  Does anyone out 
there know?