Re: Doepfer A-100

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 1970, 01:00

>  I had it here for a week or so (for
> making up the patch cables which came as a kit) and played around with it.
> I'm not really impressed. The filters (called Moog cascade) don't really
> sound like a Moog one. The resonance doesn't sound right.

Glad that someone else did notice that. You may remember that this is just what
I reported half a year ago when I heard it the first time.
Though you may want to notice as well, that there are people here
(knowledge ones as well) who said thay strarted liking that as personal character after a while. (thats speaking of the 404 synth with similar filter).

So don't take this 2 mails as a "this is bad" statement, but be aware of this.

Also keep in mind that there are 3 more filter modules to come out and
so you' ll get a choice.

> Generally speaken it's nice to produce either basslines or effects. It's
> very hard to come up with a nice sound. A lot of produced sound are just
> crap and nerv killing.

Hmm, can' t comment on this. I guess as with all more sophisticated gear
(excluding 303' s :-) it' s pretty much a matter of your own style.
It' s like I do well with a Ob8 and other' s that I know don' t like
the UI. Some seem to be able to get into the M12 stuff and I don't 
get attrracted by this yet.
So maybe this applies here as well. As least I noticed some interesting modules
in their list, that could be useful for the sounds I have in mind.

> Well, if $$$ is not a question then clearly Serge is the winner!

I guess so. But that' s almost everytime true, that gear that is 5 times as expensive is much better. The qustion is what is 5 times better ?
I' d say, if you can' t afford more than 2 osc' s 2 filters, and some
more than 10 otehr modules a serge will be great to start, but will
get faster boring that a rich equipped A100 with weaker sound, but way
more possible combinations.
On the other hand, I Personally tend to have simple, but great sounding gear 
as I always manage to get enough money if necessary to expand.


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