Re: [AH] totally insane!! system 700 sequencer

From alt-mode
Sent Fri, Jul 11th 2008, 16:11

On 7/11/08 9:39 AM, "charles graef" <> wrote:

> The Doepfer sequencer allows the CV or audio input to individual steps.  The
> Analogue Systems sequencer has skip.  Would be nice if every sequencer had
> everything.
Very true!
> Re the Roland, I should think it would be possible when using an external VC
> clock with a row of sequencer CV and thereby halve a given step duration
> with an octave increase in CV from that row, quarter the duration with a
> 2-octave increase, etc.

OK, I don't think I parsed that.  Are you saying that you can use the CVs
from a row to modulate the clock rate and thereby achieve the timing changes
that are possible with the per step switches?  Please elaborate.