[AH] (FS) Doepfer and Livewire eurorack modules.

From appliancide
Sent Mon, Oct 6th 2008, 05:46

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I'm making the big leap into the world of DIY synths so I have to whittle down my setup to a 1 suitcase system to make some space and secure some funds. 

First to go will be my beloved sequencing setup (I'm hoping the ds-10 and school will keep me distracted enough to no not be too upset about this) and a few other random bits.

Most prices are 75% of new. I take good care of my stuff and I don't smoke.
You paypal me for the module(s) you want, I pack it nice and secure and you pay me for shipping after I send the module. I have good feedback on here as either appliancide or paul akin (probably both).

a155 sequencer - awesomely versatile module! Does too much for me to type out here.
a156 dual quantizer 
a150 dual vcs - this plus the clock divider turn the a155 into a 16 step sequencer!
a160/a161 clock divider/clock sequencer combo - I won;t separate these.
-$120 for the pair - 
a146 lfo - pwm pot also takes the saw to a triangle to a reverse saw.
a145 lfo - four simultainious outs (square, saw, rev saw and triangle) also has reset in.
a132 dual vca - simple vca mostly for cvs, but I often used it for audio & in feedback loops
a130 linear vca - best for cvs, but works fine with audio signals. 2cv and 2 audio/cv ins.
and this last one pains me, but it's just a bit too big for my planned small setup.
Livewire Dual Cyclotron -$275 - I know that's not really discounted but I don't want it gone that bad. Mike is a super cool guy so it's harder for me to sell his stuff.

The ONLY trades I am interested in are doepfer bbd modules (I already have the 4096), the doepfer vactrol phasor, or possibly the harvestman sampler.

Thanks for reading my post! Feel free to email me with questions or reasonable offers. I'm not going to move much on the prices, because this stuff is worth what I'm asking. 


PS - for some samples of what I've done with my fairly limited system, check out:

The first, second and fourth songs are one pass takes on my modular with no external sequencing and limited post production. Same deal with the third one, only it has a 101 synched up to it playing the bassline. The fifth one is two takes of the same patch panned hard left and right, again no outside sequencing.