[AH] FS: Doepfer and Livewire modules -updated list with new deals!

From appliancide
Sent Thu, Oct 23rd 2008, 02:57

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Ok, this is my last post about this stuff on here because I know these mass module sales can be annoying with all of the updating and what not. Please check this post on electro-music to see the most up to date module listing until they are gone.

Everything has been babied by me in my
non-smoking home. Most prices are about 75% of new give or take
depending on the module. I will charge actual shipping on all items
after they are sent.

Livewire Dalek Modulator =$200 - this is one of the first ones and
it's a tight squeeze in the portable case, but I have never had a
problem with it. I do line the rails with electrical tape just to be


a108 filter $165 (perfect for use with the bbd modules)

a110 VCO $150

a143-2 quad adsr $215

a148 dual s&h $60

a181 multiple $37

a181-1 bbd (4096 stages) $200

a131 exp. vca $72

a150 dual vc switch $60

a119 ext in/env follower $75

Combo deals:

echo combo combo - 108+188-1 $350

modulator oscillator - Dalek+110 $320

waiting for a gate - 143-2+148+150 $300

the old in and out - 119+131+181 $160

everything above - $1050 shipped

I'm still interested in frac gear or diy pcbs, chips, etc...