Re: ARP 2600 vs Doepfer A-100 (6U w/Midi)

From Kurt Dwight Bleach
Sent Mon, Dec 22nd 1997, 19:13

chris sawyer wrote:
> I have the opportunity to purchase either of these systems and
> would like to hear your opinions about which you would choose,
> were both available for the same price. I have much experience
> in modular synthesis, but this will be the first system I have
> actually owned, so I'm very interested in your feedback about
> this decision, especially from those of you who've experienced
> both. Thanks much.
> chris

I have had a bit of experience with both, but can't say I'm an expert on
either. However, here's what little insight I have to offer:
The 2600 is undeniably a classic and a true collector's item with
brilliant flexibility and sonic potential. I would jump at the
opportunity to have one, if it were in good shape.
That being said, there is virtually nothing you can "do" with the Arp
that you can't do with the Doepfer. I just picked up a few Doepfer
modules last month and found myself extremely pleased with the sound
quality, particularly of the filters. Also, obviously, the Doepfer is a
"true" modular and there's an incredibly impressive variety of modules
either currently available, or in the works. (As far as I know, only
Serge offers more--and they are in a whole different category
What would I do? Buy the Arp while you've got the chance, then (when
financially viable) pick up a stripped down Doepfer setup to augment the
Arp's capabilities, picking only the modules you find yourself needing.
(I.e. have your cake and eat it too...)