Re: [AH] Doepfer A111 "running out"

From aschrock
Sent Fri, Dec 4th 1998, 08:03

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Paul Schreiber wrote:
> 5) The sad fact of the matter is that I would have to sell 8,000 chips at $6
> ea to BREAK EVEN
> on a reissue. I offered  3340s on my auction. I sold 19. Roland already
> cloned it for the MKS-80,
> and Yamaha & Korg are all digital. Side note: while in production, the 5,000
> piece price
> for the 3340 was $3.25 (circa 1982).

I think Paul meant to say "I offered _26_ 3340's on my auction. I sold
19." to demonstrate some supply and demand in action. (correct me if i'm
wrong, Paul) This does surprise me somewhat... but the base $35 bid
probably scared off people. 

> Sadly, the best source of 3340s are broken synths. (the MemoryMoog has 18 in
> it!)
> In fact, at "current" prices the 48 (!) CEM chips in a MemoryMoog are worth
> about $1375.

Yep.. check the junkyards... ya never know tho. I found a 1/2 dozen "synth
chips" for $20, which included 2 3340's, a 3310, and various SSM chips.
You can get lucky still.