Re: Juno6, 606 and Kenton Pro2

From Pierre Z.
Sent Wed, Dec 6th 1995, 01:21

On Tue, 5 Dec 1995 wrote:
> Yes, but you don't need a Kenton, (unless you have other analogs you want to
> CV as well)
> What you need is either A Doepfer box (not sure of name, but it is in their
> catalog) that'll read MIDI clock, and output DIN sync clock.  Thiis way,
> you'll have the 606 running in sync w/MIDI.
> Or, there's a company in England called PhillipRees, eho manufacture's a
> similar product, that is much cheaper!
> It is the MDS24.  If yopu want a number (England) write back, I'll have to
> find it
> J303

Actually, I need the Kenton pro2, to MIDI my CS15.  So does the 
Pro2 have DIN sync or not?  One more question: Is "DIN sync" same as "DCB"?
If not does the Pro2 have DCB?

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