AI 2 (revisited)

From Teep
Sent Thu, Jul 28th 1994, 16:34

ok, i think i was in a pissy mood when i said the ai 2 comp was
*painfully mediocre*  i'd like to back that down to just *mediocre*
(with a few shining moments)

in a floo view it was said. . .
> 5. Autechre : Chatter
>  For some reason im not quite clear of, I love this track.
I know why i love it.  The beat is brutal.  These kids KNOW electro.

Along with that I fully enjoy the *Link* track, the *Kirk* track,
the *Polygon Window* track and the *B12* track.  Yet all of which i
find lacking a bit in the funk dept. . .but i can deal . . .that's
what drum loops are for. . .RIGHT!

there, i feel much better now