RE: [AH] stepsequensers that sends CC# data?

From Eduardo Saponara
Sent Thu, Oct 2nd 2008, 18:43

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Hi Florian=2C
I know the MPC 60 and the MPC 1000 with the JJ OS the best=2C and both can =
do this=2C although the newer MPC's like the 1000 will handle more midi inf=
ormation with the new processors etc.
If I understand your questions=2C the MPC works with multiple tracks=2C 64 =
or 99 or maybe more on the 4000 or 5000.  Each track can be assigned to an =
internal sample program and/or to a midi channel output=2C and has it's own=
 mute and solo buttons.  You have record and overdub recording buttons.  if=
 you are on a track that has midi data on it and press Play and record whil=
e it is running=2C the existing data will be replaced with whatever new dat=
a is coming in at the midi input.  So if you don=3Bt play anything=2C that =
track will be silent after it cycles and it will go to overdub mode.
if you press overdub then all existing data is kept and anything else is ad=
ded to it.  So you can replace a track like this=2C or you can just mute it=
 and record to a new track.  You can also engage the mute button on the new=
 track=2C keep the old one playing and record the new sequence on the muted=
You can hae all 64 or 99 tracks playing at once=2C or any combination.  the=
 newer MPC's also allow you to go into a track mute screen=2C where the 4 b=
anks of the 16 pads become mute and unmute buttons for all tracks=2C and yo=
u can record a track mute performance and have that play too.
MPC's are amazing.  > Date: Thu=2C 2 Oct 2008 18:19:23 +0200> From: fanwand=> To:> CC:> Su=
bject: Re: [AH] stepsequensers that sends CC# data?> > Hi Eduardo> > > So j=
ust add a mobius=2C fat controller=2C schrittmacher=2C P3=2C doepfer=2C x0x=
b0x=2C midibox=2C or whatever sequencer that appeals to you=2C and let the =
MPC handle the multi track aspect. Until you start looking at much more exp=
ensive sequencers the multi track aspect is hard to get.> > I do not know t=
he MPC from own experience=2C so my questions:> > How good is the MPC in do=
ing this in realtime - vulgo live situation on > stage? Can I replace an ex=
isting sequence on the fly? Can I record one > sequence silent=2C while the=
 other still running.> > Florian>=20
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