Re: [AH] Namm pictures location

From Brandon Daniel
Sent Fri, Jan 19th 2007, 09:59

> Brandon Daniel wrote:
>> Just a head's up, I'm at the show again this year taking pictures, I'll
>> upload the first batch sometime early tomorrow afternoon, with regular
>> updates thereafter:
>> click on namm->winter->2007
>> or direct (but doesn't give me as many page impressions that help offset
>> my hosting costs:
> First set of pictures is now online, enjoy!

Another update from after I posted the first set, with new stuff from
Behringer, Clavia, Doepfer, GenoQs, Moog, Rhodes, Roland, and Waldorf.

Tomorrow's update will likely come after the show closes, as much of the
big stuff is already covered. Any requests?


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