Re: [AH] Ribbon controller (USB, etc.)

From Bill Sautter
Sent Mon, Mar 26th 2007, 17:59

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Thanks. This could work for what I need to do. I'll look into it.

If anyone is aware of others, I'd like to see them, too.


At 10:03 PM 03/25/2007, you wrote:
>Hi Bill
>>While Stephen is probably referring to/looking for an 
>>analog/CV-based ribbon controller, I'd like to find a "universal 
>>ribbon controller" for some of my digital keyboards;
>What about this:
>>- it should be small/compact, to be able to fit in front of the 8 
>>touch-pads on an OASYS, for example.
>ok, not that compact, but really a great piece to do unsual music 
>and effects with.

Bill Sautter