Re: [AH] re: Doepfer A-100 advice please

From ndkent
Sent Thu, Nov 6th 2008, 16:15

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I=27m pretty sure the key mechanism inside is MIDI=2E=C2=A0=C2=A0 No one=
 this side of the Rolands/Yamahas make their own keys (and even some of =
them get them OEM) they all buy them from China or Fatar in Italy=2E The=
y do not build native CV keyboard mechanisms=2E If Analogue Systems were=
 building their own mechanism it would be far more expensive than their =
already fairly high price=2E----- Original Message -----From=3A alt-mode=
 Date=3A Thursday=2C November 6=2C 2008 10=3A02 amSubject=3A Re=3A =5BAH=
=5D re=3A Doepfer A-100 advice pleaseTo=3A =E3=83=8B=E3=82=B3=E3=83=A9=E3=
=82=B9=E3=83=BB=E3=82=B1=E3=83=B3=E3=83=88 =2C AH heaven Cc=3A Matt Fret=
ton =3E On 11/6/08 7=3A02 AM=2C =22=E3=83=8B=E3=82=B3=E3=83=A9=E3=82=B9=E3=
=83=BB=E3=82=B1=E3=83=B3=E3=83=88=22  wrote=3A=3E =3E =3E =3E As for a g=
ate/CV keyboard=2C no one has actually manufactured a native=3E =3E CV k=
eyboard since the early 1980s=2E=3E =3E =3F=3F=3F=3E http=3A//www=2Eanal=
oguesystems=2Eco=2Euk/controllers=2Ehtm=3E The French Connection has no =
MIDI=2E=3E =3E    Eric=3E =3E =3E =3E =3E