[AH] Help me build the ultimate Analogue Delay

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Thu, Jul 27th 2006, 19:31

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if you want a 2 second ping-pong stereo analoge delay, you could purchase two Doepfer BBD units (pretty new)...as far as ping pong and introducing other mods in the feedback path: simply use a stereo mixer with two pre-fader sends for your feedback path back to the FX, ie have the delay out channel sending back to itself with whatever insert,  send on delay out to the other and visa versa, etc...use your imagination...i figured this stuff out when i had access to an Otari 1/4" mixdown deck with 3  3/4", 7 1/2 , 15 ips speeds and vary speed, best damn tape delay EVER...