[AH] whatever happened to skullsaw?

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Wed, Jun 21st 2006, 00:22

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i was reading some posts, think about when i used to be on AH (about, hmmm, 7-10 years ago? who can remember!)
  i recall skullsaw being a major presence, always selling stuff for resonable prices, and singing the praises of his  ESQ-1 (R?)...he also put out some AH comp tapes (as i proudly contributed  to the first one "no title" as ross g)
  and where the hell is robbie rob? a smartass for all occasions, i actually met that dude a few times...good kid (probably in a nursing home by now haha..)
  there was another guy, dac crowell perhaps?, did some music writing, hated 303's, left in a huff?
  then there was the french/french canadian guy who's name slips, i bought my kawaii xd drum mod, he drove around with it in his trunk for two weeks, but i never stopped payment, even though i found one cheaper in the meantime (did i get a "good trader'? did i give one? no, dumbass....)
  (i see a few familiar names, Legion, Paul S....the manual manor man-good to see some things don't change ....)
  excuse me walk down memory lane, all the modular talk gets me tall weepy, thinking about the exciting days of buying me doepfer, micromod,  and  drooling over all your unbelievable setups...
  that's all...