Re: [AH] CV-MIDI Converter wanted

From Andrew Scheidler
Sent Fri, Apr 25th 2008, 21:01

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Might want to check out the things Doepfer has.  There's one unit that will
connect with (up to) 64 on/off switches, each of which is a MIDI note.  You
stick those switches under the keys of your synth and then you've got a
polyphonic MIDI OUT on your Quadra  :)

IIRC, Florian did this with his Moog Prodigy (?)


On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 2:53 PM, orangeyellowred <>

> Can anyone recommend a good CV to MIDI converter(not Midi to CV)? Would be
> cool if it had two seperate CV input channels as I want to use my ARP Quadra
> as a simple controller for my JD-990 Rack.
> Thanks, Phil.