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Details below.  Me, the Fenix, some backing sounds and an SE-70 for efx.  A 'rematch' with the material I worked with on October 8 at Galaxy Hut.  Come on out and see 'the other DC' at play.
BTW, DaVe, who is also performing, is an AH'er as well.

Electric Possible #31

Nov 6--Solo Electronics: Analog & Otherwise:
DaVE, TL0741, Insect Factory, Sub-Trans,
Peligro Elevada + Collective Improv
This show will involve solo sets from each of the following artists,
followed by a collective free improv with all five. It's high concept
Insect Factory--DC area project of microtonal and microscopic
ambience with hypnotic layers of sounds and drone textures. Some
influences are John Fahey, Fripp/Eno, Steve Reich, Terry Riley. Insect
Factory was started by Jeff Barsky (guitar), but is always in the process
of rediscovery, and incorporates others to collaborate and challenge
itself. Insect Factory has a cd-r release on SoundETERNALsound and a
self-released split on Insectfields.
TL0741--Solo project of Pat Gillis (Northern Machine, The Angus
Brainpan) featuring audio processors, analogue synth and prerecorded
material colliding in an improvisational metallic mist of whirling
electrons. All TL0741 performances are recorded for release,
recycling, posterity or landfill.
DaVe--Scene newcomer will drag some vintage synths out of his
basement to create modular analog musings. He promises to show off
the following: serge modular (sounds and control voltages), wiard 300
modular (sounds and control voltages), and doepfer modular (control
voltages and audio outputs).
Sub-Trans--DC-based jazz musian, DJ & sound artist DaRon Jones
creates electronic compositions he calls "Nu Transmissions" by mixing
"sonic textures on the fly from samples to loops to beats to noisey ass
wave files to cassette tapes with the meanest hissing. All that shit in one
pot like a crazy stew or something. I also do a tribute to Richard
Pryor." Check his artist blog at Subtrans8.blogspot.com
Peligro Elevada--New beat-heavy project from Jeff Bagato (El
Possible host/Tone Ghosting/Spanorb) using a drum machine & delay
pedal. Well, it sounded pretty good in the basement, anyway!

$5--all money goes to the artists!
8:00 pm, Sunday Oct 2
Phillips Hall, 801 22nd St, NW
Rm B120 (in the basement)
(22nd and H Streets/GW Metro)
George Washington University