RE: [AH] Opinions on ASol SY02 VCF

From synth ollie
Sent Sun, May 18th 2008, 18:23

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Ive owned 2x ms20 thru the years, and to my ears the sound is very very=20
close to the original ms20 (with lm13600 vcf)
I guess the most of the difference is because Im feeding it with m-112 (rol=
and 100m)=20
oscillators instead of original ms20 vco=B4s
the clone is almost an exact copy of the 13600 vcf version except for
a few components
 From:> To:> Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 1=
0:40:07 -0500> Subject: [AH] Opinions on ASol SY02 VCF> > Any comments from=
 user's of this module? Has anyone done a performance test with an MS-20? A=
ll comments appreciated -> > Thanks & enjoy your day,> > Bill
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