Re: [AH] How to get that Daniel Miller/Vince Clarke Silicon Teens proto

From David Lacey
Sent Sat, Jan 12th 2008, 20:20

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Korg 700s, Arp 2600 and  Arp Sequencer are the things most often mentioned =
for Daniel Miller.
Vince was big fan of the Jupiter-4 I think.
Certainly the use of a 2600 for percussion is always brought up.  In this v=
ideo (at 4:10) he talks about how he felt the TR-808 was a bit of a cop out=
 with whimpy sounds, but he loved the sequencer:
Solvent crew almost nailed it on 'Apples & Synthesizers'.Early Rolandmodula=
rs? I know there were some Arp 2600 things for the drums.100m, xpander,You =
can't do that shit with software.Origin
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